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We should use the corresponding sthira karaka in that case. However, this rarely becomes necessary, as two planets are rarely at exactly the.
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Find other chara karakas using Table If two planets have the same degrees, we should compare minutes. The use of sthira karakas has already been explained.

  • Importance of Karaka or Significators in Astrology.
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Chara karakas are also similar to sthira karakas in this aspect. These significations are used in general Phalita Jyotish. The 5th house from Jupiter shows sons. In addition, we have various other matters allotted to different planets in classics. The list of the natural significations of various planets is listed in Table For example, Mercury and 5th house show memory and so the 5th house from Mercury shows memory. Lagna and Houses in Vedic Astrology.

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Importance of Karaka (Significator) in Vedic Astrology

Suicide in Vedic Astrology. A Worst Conjunction — Rahu Jupiter. Medical Astrology and Rahu Ketu transit — Maitreya Muhurtham to By tamiljothidamtips Last updated Jul 17, Chara Karakas Importance of Karaka Importance of Karaka or Significators in Astrology karaka of houses in astrology karaka planets karakas in horoscope karakas in vedic astrology karakas of houses. Saturn Atmakaraka-This is a tough position. The person will not only absorb his pain and sufferings but also of others.

It will give him the ability to work very hard. With Saturn Atmakaraka, the soul need to learn to overcome loneliness and harsh reality of life. But this is good for spiritual growth.

Role of AtmaKaraka Planet in Horoscope

Rahu Atmakaraka-This is also a tough position. The person with rahu Atmakaraka may be cheated by others several time. He will be very simple and innocent. But we must remember that Rahu is always retrograde. However other retrograde planets are calculated in the usual way For e. If this degree is greater than of any other planet, then Rahu Ketu will be considered the Atmakaraka.


Retrograde Atmakaraka generally signifies some very deep rooted unfulfilled desire from not only past birth but from several births. But Rahu as Atmakaraka Planet is also a very good for spiritual growth. If there is any connection either by conjunction or mutual aspect or exchange between Atmakaraka and amatyakaraka, it is a grand Raj Yoga. Amatyakaraka planet is the planet with second highest degree in birth chart. This plays a very crucial role determining the profession of an individual. The Amatyakaraka Planet needs to be seen from Karakamsa Lagna for determining career growth.

The Mahadasha of Atmakaraka may not be very good for materialistic pursuits but dasha of Amatyakaraka Planet if well placed will bring lot of materialistic gain.

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Ishta devata:Karakamsa Lagna and 12th house from it shows the Ishta Devata of the native. This is the house signifying the emancipation of the soul and we have to examine this house to know about ishta devata. If there is one planet in 12th house from Karakamsa, the rulling deity of that planet becomes the Ishta devata. If there is more than one planet, we have to choose the strongest one. If there is no planet, we need to see the aspect.

If no planet is aspecting the 12th house of Karakamsa, we have to consider the 12th lord. But Remember, Ishta devata is not for materialistic gain. It is for learing the karmic backlog and progress in the path of Moksha. This deity will liberate us from the cycle of birth and rebirth. Without adequate preparation, worshiping Ishta devata will bring trouble in life as in the process of cleaning the souls, we have to deal with so much of karma. So It is better to worship Kula Devata which is seen from the 9th house of Karakamsa for overall prosperity and good fortune.

Karakamsa, Atmakaraka and Amatya Karaka are closely related with Career. You can take my Career Consultation and also see what others say about my predictions. If you have anything to share about Atmakaraka Planet, Please comment below. If you like this please share it. Debraj is a professional Astrologer with More than 10 years of Practical experience. Started learning Vedic astrology in a very early age around 12 yrs and almost more than 20 years in astrological study. Just wanted to know for rahu as atmakaraka how do we calculate degrees. Do we have to subtract from 30 the degree shown in birth chart.

At one place I read rahu and ketu cannot be atmakaraka but your article says only ketu cannot be atmakaraka. It is Like King of the Horoscope.

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We can compare it with Lagna of our birth chart. The Planet which gets the next highest degree after Atmakaraka, is known as amatyakaraka Planet. If you want to Know about what is Atmakaraka and how it affects our Kundli, i have a detail piece of article, you can refer […].

In my chart,Saturn is the ascendant lord,he is the lord of the birth nakshatra and also the Atmakaraka.. Can I wear a Blue Sapphire? Your view on this complex position please? Hi, who is the ishta devta indicated by retrogrde jupiter in 12th from gemini karakamsa? Hello sir, Thanks for the post. I have rahu as AK. Rahu in Capricorn in navamsa so Capricorn is my Karakamsa Laguna. I just need clarification around Ista deva and kula deva. You said we have to look about aspects. Checking aspects means jaimini aspects or regular aspects. By jaimini aspects I have sun in Pisces and Mars in gemini.

So taking sun I have both kula ista deva as same!!!!!!. Or to use normal aspects or jaimini aspects. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Tuesday, October 8, Result of Different Atmakaraka Planets. How to find Ishta devata in Vedic astrology from Karakamsa Lagna. AtmaKaraka Planet in Jaimini Astrology. Now Lets See the effect of different planets when become Atmakaraka as per Vedic astrology.

Thank You. Atmakaraka Planet in astrology and Purpose of Your Soul. Career Astrology and Determining Profession from D chart. Jupiter in 10th House. Ishta devata for Jupiter and saturn is not mentioned. Who would it be? Hello sir i have combust mercury which is my atmakarka.. Please enter your comment!